Yummy Burgers in a Hurry

One of my favorite things about being a food blogger is that occasionally I get asked to test a new product, service, or cook book for free. 
That was the case when I was recently given the opportunity to test a new product from the folks at Ball Park. Being a big fan of their delicious hot dogs, it didn't take me long to agree.

The new product I was asked to test is Ball Park's new fully-cooked, flame-grilled burgers. I was given a choice of several flavors, and since I'm a big fan of pretty much anything that includes cheese, my decision wasn't hard- I went for the Beef & Cheese Patty of course. The box from Ball Park arrived a few days after I made my choice, and conveniently, it was Super Bowl weekend. So, since Ball Park is an all-American company, my son and I decided to make these burgers for the granddaddy of all-American sporting events- the Super Bowl.

I have to be honest here and say that I went into this with a healthy dose of skepticism. Generally I'm not a huge fan of pre-cooked patties, even if they do include cheese. This is because in my experience they tend to be dry and tasteless...and I hate the "painted on" grill marks you find on some brands. However, this wasn't the case with the Ball Park patties. They were fast and easy to make and more importantly, they tasted great too. In fact, the only "flaw" I could find was that I wish they had been a more just-grilled burger color....they don't really look like they just came off the grill. But thankfully they don't have the fake grill marks you see often on pre-cooked patties.

 But color issues aside, these burgers were really good. I can see them being a "go-to" freezer staple at my house for quick, last-minute meals or as a fast and yummy snack. I also think they'd be great for a quick and delicious weeknight meal: you could do a "burger bar" for supper; just put out all kinds of toppings and condiments with some fresh bakery buns, and let your family make their own customized burgers in record time.

Give them a try at your house and see what I mean- these really are yummy burgers in a hurry!