Use Versatile and Economical Chicken for Many Meals

Here at $2 Dollar Dinners, we love to sing the praises of the humble chicken, America’s favorite meat and the hero of many budget-saving recipes. Chicken recipes are one of the top searches on Google each month and for good reason: it’s fairly inexpensive, easy to prepare in a variety of ways, and very, very versatile! Did you know that the average American adult eats around 90 lbs. of chicken per year? No wonder we’re all looking for different ways to prepare it! The following recipes are my budget-friendly take on some favorite chicken recipes, and the best thing is that each one costs $2 or less per serving to make!

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Shortcut Chicken Parmesan (serves 6 @ about $1.58 per serving)

Creamy Chicken Noodle Casserole (serves 4 @ about $1.39 per serving)

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$2 Dinners Time Saving Tip

Time-Saver Tip of the Week:

I keep a bag in my freezer labeled “soup”, and whenever I have odd amounts of veggies, rice, etc., I toss them in the bag until I have enough to use for what I call a hodgepodge soup. Even small pieces of leftover cheese are good additions to your “soup” bag. Have small amounts of leftover meat? Freeze them in small bags, separated by type, and add them to whatever kind of soup you decide to make (I always save scraps of leftover Christmas ham to use for making ham and bean soup in January).

Soups and Stews Help You Save Bucks

Soups and stews are one of the best ways I know to make an inexpensive cut of meat taste like a million dollars! In addition to that, they’re also a delicious and creative way to use leftovers. Vegetables, pasta, or rice are all wonderful additions to any soup or stew, and you can feel good knowing that nothing went to waste! The thing I like best about soups and stews is that they are also great time-savers; perfect for your slow-cooker or slow-simmering on the stove with no “babysitting” required! Start exploring the time and money-saving advantages of soups and stews with these flavorful recipes that each cost $2 or less per serving.

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Vegetable Beef Soup (serves 4 @ about $1.63 per serving)

Easy Slow Cooker Brunswick Stew (serves 6-8 @ about $1.75 per serving)

Chicken and Cheesy Ravioli Soup (serves 4 @ about $1.50 per serving)

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