Links and Resources

I just love free stuff don't you? Here are some links to free resources I use often and find really helpful. I'm always on the lookout for useful tips, tools, and information, so check back often for updates:
  • The United States Dept. of Agriculture website has a wealth of free information to help you prepare healthy, low-cost meals. Some of my favorites are My Plate; a free printable recipe book with great recipes and tips for thrifty, nutritious meals; and a neat recipe finder database that you can sort by course, ingredient, preparation method, and even by cost! I really like the recipe book and have used it when cooking for clients with health and diet concerns. 
  • Watching your weight and finding it tough to plan meals? The USDA also has an interactive tool for that too! The SuperTracker helps you make a plan and set goals, track your what you eat as well as your physical activity, and there's even a recipe database! The best part about SuperTracker is that it's free!
  • Are you interested in adding more fruits and veggies toy our diet but don't know where to start?The Produce for Better Health Foundation has great recipe ideas that take 30 minutes or less plus a search tool that lets you find recipes based on the fruit or veggie you want to use.
  • I found an incredible website called that has thousands of free printable documents like letters, signs, invitations, business forms, resumes, etc. One of my favorite things on this site is the section with printables for your home- they have recipe cards, grocery lists, chore charts, and lots more. Check this site out! 
  • Ever get stuck while trying to do a cooking conversion? Forget how many quarts in a gallon? Frustrating isn't it? The good news is that there's no need to struggle with conversions anymore because there's a great website called that will do them for you for free! You can find conversions for things like weight, length and temperature, but the one I use the most is the section on common cooking conversions.