Dried beans are budget-friendly and delicious, too (part 2)

Today we continue our 3-part series on a favorite ingredient here at $2 Dinners: budget-friendly dried beans. One of the best food bargains around, beans not only pack a healthy punch, they’re also easy to prepare. This week’s first recipe shows you a simple and flavorful way to cook dried kidney beans, and then in the second recipe, we’ll use those perfectly-prepared beans to make Red Beans and Rice, a comfort food favorite from New Orleans. This hearty, savory, and filling recipe is perfect for a frosty January day!

Click on the orange boxes for printable versions of the recipes

Easy Red Beans (makes 6 servings @ about 79 cents per serving)

Red Beans and Rice (makes 6 servings @ about $1.89 per serving)

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