A frugal fiesta that’s perfect for a hot summer day

The “dog days” of summer have arrived; bringing with them the kind of heat and humidity that saps the energy right out of you. On days like this, even if you can find the motivation to cook, the thought of heating up the kitchen can send you running straight to the nearest air-conditioned restaurant. However, during a prolonged heat wave like we’ve been having recently, dining out every time the heat gets to be too much can get expensive in a hurry.

So how can you put an easy, healthy meal on the table on a sultry summer day without breaking the bank? How about letting your slow cooker do the work? Ideal for hot-weather cooking because it won’t heat up your kitchen, your slow cooker can help you prepare a surprising variety of dishes that are easy on your wallet, healthy, and tasty too. Our $2 Dinners Frugal Fiesta, which begins with savory and slightly spicy Slow Cooker Burritos, is a perfectly delicious example of what you can create with your slow cooker in warm weather. Served alongside the cool, clean flavors of our Summer Salsa with Tortilla Chips, they’re so good you might just forget all about the heat outside for a while.

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Slow Cooker Burritos (serves 6 @ about $1.45 per serving)

Summer Salsa with Tortilla Chips (serves 8 @ about 45 cents per serving)

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  1. That burrito recipe is making me hungry. Maybe this weekend? We love Mexican food in this house! - Gary


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