These kid-pleasing meals won’t break the bank

If you have kids or grandkids, you know that their tastes in food are pretty predictable and not always budget-friendly. So-called “fast food” such as burgers, fries, pizza, tacos etc., is the order of the day for most kids, and that usually means a trip to the nearest drive-through where the costs can add up fast! Even if you purchase from the dollar-menu, a family of four will most likely spend a minimum of $12 for burgers, fries and drinks each time they visit the drive-through. While we all want to make our kids happy, for families on a budget trips to the drive-through can be too hard on the wallet to be an option.

So how can you satisfy your kids’ taste for fast-food without blowing your budget? Why not try some kid-pleasing, budget-friendly casseroles? These thrifty casseroles have all the flavors of some of your kids’ fast-food favorites without the drive-through price tag!

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Cheeseburger-n-Tots Casserole (makes 12 servings @ about 90 cents per serving)

Chili Cheese “Corn Dog” Casserole (makes 6 servings @ about $1.27 per serving)

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