Takeout “fake-outs” are tasty and easy on your wallet

Don’t you just love Chinese takeout? Egg Rolls, Chicken Fried Rice, Won Ton Soup, Sesame Chicken…so many delicious choices! Calling the local Chinese place for takeout is always a treat worth looking forward to, but sometimes there may not be room in your budget when a craving comes over you. So what can you do when you’ve got takeout on your mind and it’s not in your budget? Try making your own!

Preparing your favorite Chinese takeout at home is not only fun and easy, it’s economical too. With our $2 Dinners version of some classic takeout favorites, you can feed your family for a fraction of what it costs to order from your local takeout place. These “takeout fake-outs” have the flavor your family loves from your favorite restaurant, at a price that’s easy on your wallet. Try these great recipes and have fun “faking out” your family with your own homemade takeout this weekend!

Click on the orange boxes for a printable version of the recipes

Easy Egg Rolls (makes 10 egg rolls @ about 90 cents each)

Chicken Fried Rice (serves 4 @ about $1.01 per serving)

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